The Association is a registered charity number 1093950. Its administrative office is in the North East of England. The main office of the Association is now established at the Old Station Bellingham, Northumberland. The Association is run by an elected Chairman, who is a trustee, and eight other trustees who are members of the Association. The trustees are responsible to the membership for delivering the aims of the Association in conformance with current charity law and legislation.

The Association is organised into three areas of the United Kingdom each with a trustee as chairman of the area. The areas are Northern Lights, which covers Northern England and all of Scotland and Northern Ireland. Middle Watch, which covers the Midlands, Wales and South East of England. Western Approaches, which covers an area west of a line from Portsmouth to Gloucestershire.

The objects of the Association are:

To further the efficiency of the Royal Fleet Auxiliary Service (“the Service”) in particular but not exclusively by:
(a) fostering esprit de corps and preserving the traditions of the Service and perpetuating its deeds; and
(b) perpetuating the memory of those members of the Service who have died in the service of their country; and

To relieve members or former members of the Service or their dependants who are in need, hardship or distress by:
(a) making grants of money to them; or
(b) providing or paying for goods, services or facilities for them; or
(c) making grants of money to other persons or bodies who provide goods, services or facilities to those in need; or
(d) providing advice and counselling to them during bereavement or injury or during times of crisis or conflict.

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